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200,000 Mile Nissan Warranty Knoxville TN

Introducing Tennessee’s Best Nissan Warranty! Only at Rusty Wallace Nissan of Knoxville: the 7 Year, 200,000 Mile Warranty! Buy your New Nissan at Rusty Wallace Nissan of Knoxville and receive a no-charge 200,000 mile warranty! Similar warranties can cost upwards of thousands of dollars on top of the cost of the car, but with us it’s FREE!

What’s Covered?

With your Rusty Wallace Nissan warranty, you can expect full powertrain coverage in Knoxville TN. This warranty includes internally lubricated parts such as your engine, transmission, and drive case. These are all crucial parts to the operation of your vehicle and are of course very expensive to replace. At Rusty Wallace Nissan we want our customers to know that they are covered if they purchase with us. For added peace of mind, this 200,000-mile warranty lasts for 7 YEARS!

Advantages of an Extended Warranty

All-new Nissan's come with one of the top Manufacturer’ warranties. This includes a three-year, 36,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty. On top of that, Nissan throws in a generous 5 year 60,000-mile powertrain warranty. Most people know if you use your vehicle as a daily driver the first 100,000 miles can be used up before the end of five years in many cases. Rusty Wallace Nissan of Knoxville is here to help bridge the gap in warranty until your next vehicle purchase. That's why we include an extra 140,000 miles on top of your manufacturer's warranty. Major issues and damages related to the engine or transmission are covered by this warranty. An extended warranty just for you, which could cost thousands at other dealers in the Knoxville area.

Protect Your Vehicle Investment

With extended coverage that goes beyond the first few years of ownership, you are protecting your investment. Your new vehicle extended warranty is going to cover unexpected repairs in Knoxville and beyond. Having a 200,000 mile warranty is an added convenience. Vehicle repairs can happen at the most inopportune times when we are completely unprepared for the repair costs. This leads to most operating a vehicle while it is in need of repair which can cause irreversible damage. With an extended warranty you have the added peace of mind that expensive repair bills are not a problem anymore. This will allow you to take in a damaged vehicle to get serviced much sooner, which can help prevent major damage. Making sure your vehicle is frequently serviced typically increases resale value.

Ensure Quality Servicing

It's a good idea to service your Nissan vehicle at a certified Nissan dealership. This provides vehicle protection and ensures top quality service with every repair. The Rusty Wallace Nissan extended auto warranty covers services completed at our service department in Knoxville TN. This helps keep your factory warranty intact. On top of that, we have certified Nissan mechanics with years of experience completing work on your car. Picking the right repair facility can be difficult so we are here to help with your warranty coverage and repairs.

Rusty Wallace Nissan is located off U.S. Route 25W on the road to Clinton. To get to Rusty Wallace Nissan, follow Interstate 75 or Interstate 640 to exit 3B for Gap Road towards Clinton. This Nissan dealer Knoxville will be located just off the highway on your left. Your satisfaction is our priority. When you visit this Nissan dealer Knoxville, you can rest assured that everybody from the salesmen to the mechanics to the manager are on your side and want to leave you satisfied with a reliable car.

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