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What Should I Do If There is a Recall for my Vehicle?

The first thing that should be done when you receive a recall letter is to remain calm and don't panic. Although you can receive a recall letter for a major issue, most of them are preventative or to enhance an existing part that the manufacturer has determined necessary for safety reasons. Within the recall letter, you will receive a description of the recall, a brief explanation of the safety risk or hazard, any potential warning signs that you should look for, and information about next steps, which includes making an appointment to have the recall completed.

After reading the recall letter in its entirety and verifying that it is for your vehicle, you should immediately make an appointment with our service center. Remember, there are also other owners who have received the same recall; therefore, you want to be sure to contact us as quick as possible. 

If you're advised within the recall letter not to drive your vehicle, it is vitally important that you adhere to that instruction. Rusty Wallace Nissan staff will be very familiar with the particular recall, and therefore, if it involves any critical components that you're concerned about, don't hesitate to reach out to us. There is a very good reason the manufacturer chooses an authorized dealer to perform the recall, rather than a local repair shop, and you should take advantage of that benefit by getting exclusive knowledge from our factory-trained staff.

Do I Have to Pay for Recall Repairs?

In most cases, you will not need to pay for any repairs that are recall-related when completed by Rusty Wallace Nissan. The repairs will be completed free of charge! Nissan will also determine if there is a need for replacement parts, which are provided by our dealership; therefore, you should not be concerned about the cost. An out of pocket expense is only possible if there are any repairs outside of the recall, and you will be advised prior to the repairs being completed. Your safety is important to Rusty Wallace Nissan, and if you have any questions or concerns, we're available to provide feedback and recommendations to ensure the recall is handled properly.

Rusty Wallace Nissan is here to help with your Service Recalls near Maryville TN.

Use the tool above to check the status of your Nissan Vehicle. If you do happen to have an open recall call our Service department at (865) 240-2463 or click here to schedule a service appointment to get your vehicle fixed up.  

To receive the latest news on all factory recalls, trust your local experts at Rusty Wallace Nissan of Knoxville. We have served the residents of Maryville with expert service that goes beyond, whether its a recall, scheduled maintenance, or repair. Rusty Wallace Nissan is here for your every car experience.

Rusty Wallace Nissan is committed to making the safety of you and your family, as well as your vehicle ownership experience. Our specially-trained staff is prepared with the knowledge and parts necessary to service your vehicle, and our goal is to make this experience both hassle-free and enjoyable despite the inconvenience of having recall repair work completed on your vehicle.

Our Service Department offers fast and convenient shuttle transportation to and from your home or work, will wash your vehicle before it is delivered back to you and will perform a multi-point inspection to determine if anything else may require repair on your vehicle. Our mission is to ensure that your vehicle is returned to you in the best condition possible so that you can safely get back on the  Maryville roads with peace of mind.